01/02/2016 - EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS - Journey of her paintings.Rhian's exhibitions and events plus her latest news!

EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS - Journey of her paintings.Rhian's exhibitions and events plus her latest news!

ON DISPLAY NOW - Exhibition of Deepwater paintings 

Rhian's Deepwater paintings are currently on exhibition at Pendre Art Gallery & Restaurant in Cardigan. The collection of underwater paintings depicting sea life around Pembrokeshire include diving Gannets, Jellyfish, Whitebait and others were selected for the exhibition by Sophie at Pendre Art Gallery & Restaurant. The atmospheric Gallery Restaurant, owned by George, now offers an ideal place to meet friends, family and work colleagues for a first rate cup of coffee surrounded by an underwater world. All artworks are available for sale at the gallery (unless marked as 'sold') and via this website. Artworks are individually priced and open to offers.


Doctoral research into Art, Science and Climate Change 2017

Rhian is currently completing her PhD research funded through a Doctoral Award by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, at Aberystwyth University. She has been exploring the role of Art in communicating science knowledge, and in particular, looking closely at how this is being done within the Dyfi Biosphere - an UNESCO designated area of outstanding natural beauty. Rhian's field research has been conducted at the National Assembly for Wales' Senedd in Cardiff, the Torch Theatre and Ysgol preseli in Pembrokeshire as well as within the Dyfi Biosphere area. She has invited participants from different age groups from under 18's upwards. Part of her research has involved creating artwork specifically for her field research into how people engage with climate change through art. Her research will be completed by September 2017.


Island Colonies take up Office at Wales' H.Q.

The wildlife and wild seas of RSPB Ramsey Island off St David's in Pembrokeshire are taking up office at The Senedd - The Welsh Government's H.Q. in Cardiff, during October and November 2013. Rhian hopes they will speak for themselves while they're there -  in support of the conservation work of RSPB Cymru and the Wardens of Ramsey Island...Lisa and Greg. It will will be an example of the important connection between Art and Science and the common good. For more information contact Rhian.

Diving Birds fly north in search of F.A.M.E

During the Orkney Nature Festival in May 2013 there will be an exhibition of artwork that has been inspired by a major research project to study seabirds. The artwork will be on display at The Westray Heritage Centre throughout the week of the Festival. The exhibition has already been on display in Glasgow and Cardiff.

Two specially created works by Rhian which can be viewed on the DEEPWATER Gallery page, are on exhibition and available for sale as well as a Limited Edition of 50 prints at £95 each. More information can be found at:

Making a Drama out of a Crisis in the Marine Environment

The Torch Theatre in Milford Haven will be shining a light on the Deepwater Collection from the 4th March until 26th April 2013. Rhian is hoping that it will be an ideal opportunity for groups, communities and organisations, also supported by the Milford Haven Port Authority, and who have a keen interest in the Marine Environment, to visit and enjoy the exhibition.

As a bonus, the Ramsey Island RSPB Commissioned Collection will also be on exhibition in the Torch Cafe during these weeks. Both original paintings and Limited Edition Prints are available to buy. A percentage of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the RSPB Cymru to help them with their conservation work.


F.A.M.E. last!

Two of Rhian's latest paintings have been on exhibition  at the Kelvingrove Museum, in Glasgow between 13th October and 27th October, along with work by several other esteemed artists, to complement the publication of F.A.M.E. scientific data. The exhibition will be touring around the UK, and will be up for sale by online auction in May 2013. The oil paintings on stretched linen (shown below) depict Guillemots and Razorbills diving off the Island of Colonsay, Scotland. F.A.M.E or the 'Future of the Atlantic Marine Environment' is an exciting conservation venture monitoring and tracking seabirds across the western seaboard of Europe to gain a better understanding of their key foraging hotspots. This scientific data is openly available to help inform decisions on the placement of Marine Protected Areas.  Anybody  interested in holding the exhibition should contact Rhian. For more information about the project and the exhibition tour, please go to

The ART of Science and Politics

Rhian's achieves her patriotic ambitions within Wales.
A personal ambition of Rhian's to have her work hanging at the National Assembly for Wales Estate has been achieved as her complete Deepwater Collection has been on display in the Ty Hywel building in Cardiff since the 16th of July 2012. The oil paintings have been viewed by both national and international visitors and some with a particular concern for the Marine Environment. "Assessing the value of our seascapes is a new and difficult area for us, and the oceans hold well-kept-secrets as they are 'out of sight, out of mind for many people'. It is hoped that the Marine Environment paintings will inspire and ignite new support for coastal science research, for future generations", Rhian says.

Twenty years on an island

RSPB commissioned Rhian to paint Ramsey Island as a celebration of their anniversary of purchasing the island 20 years ago.

In 2012, RSPB Cymru celebrated 20 years of managing Ramsey Island – since it purchased the reserve in 1992. To celebrate 20 years of the RSPB’s ownership of Ramsey Island, RSPB Cymru will be launching Ramsey Islands 20th Anniversary Exhibition at Oriel y Parc Gallery in St David’s - in partnership with Pembrokeshire Coast National Park – on Tuesday 10th July 2012 featuring work from local artist and supporter Rhian Field.

The spectacular oil paintings depicting the island’s iconic and unique wildlife and landscape have been specially created by Rhian Field. Rhian will be making a donation from the proceeds of any sales, either from original paintings or limited edition prints, towards the continued conservation work on and around Ramsey Island. The exhibition is available to view at RSPB Newport Wetlands Reserve in Gwent from 15th August 2012.

Signed, Limited Edition Prints are available for purchase from this website.

A Religious Experience St Davids Cathedral

P1060429   P1060398   P1060410

Rhian held a 14 day exhibition of the Deepwater Collection at the Cloisters gallery, in the Refectory at St David's Cathedral, between 12th and 25th of June 2012. It was the perfect setting for "All Rise for the Judge"...the special painting created at Oriel Y Parc in Autumn 2011 (more info below). The collection attracted remarkable interest by visitors, especially the diving Gannets paintings. The architecture and available light complemented the vibrancy of the paintings.

...Once in Royal David's City

Oriel y Parc Gallery and Visitor Centre is the gateway to St David's, Britain's smallest city, located in the UK's only truly coastal National Park.  Oriel y Parc houses a Class A Gallery displaying works of art from the National Museum Wales collection including works by Graham Sutherland, Ceri Richards and Turner. Rhian spent six weeks as Oriel Y Parc's first local Artist in Residence between September and mid October 2011.

During her residency she produced a special piece of work which brought together the most important elements of her current work as well as local family connections, within St David's. This special piece of work measures 5ft x 5ft and is titled "All Rise For The Judge". It is about creation, separation and closing-the-gap and depicts St David's Cathedral within the ocean life, and no joining line as such - bringing Landscape and Seascape together as one. It is both 'whole' and 'holy'. The lights are on in the Cathedral as the congregation is present and the gannets are diving above. If you take a close look, you will see what seem to be pilgrims (of the past, present and future, according to Rhian) amongst other souls.

 P1030186   P1030200  P1030184                     

 Kelp flowing in the current             Coming to life                        Ghosts of pilgrims past and future

This painting, along with the rest of the Deepwater collection, will be on display at the National Assembly for Wales estate - Ty Hywel building in Cardiff from July 2012 onwards.  For more information contact us.



2016-2017: Pendre Art Gallery, Cardigan

2015: Machynlleth - PhD Art-Science Field Research Exhibition, Ysgol Bro Brynach

2015: The Torch Theatre, Milford Haven. PhD Art-Science Field Research Exhibition 

2014: Exhibition of Art-Science Field Research paintings at the Senedd, Cardiff - December.

2013: The Senedd, National Assembley for Wales, Cardiff Oct-Nov 2013. RSPB Cymru Ramsey Island 20th Anniversary Exhibition.

2013: Westray Heritage Centre, Orkney. Exhibition of RSPB F.A.M.E. Colonsay Island project paintings of diving Guillemots and Razorbills.
2013: The Torch Theatre, Milford haven.  Exhibition of both the Deepwater Collection as well as the Ramsey Island Commission - 4th March until 26th April.
2012: RSPB Ramsey Island Collection: Exhibition at Newport Wetlands Nature Reserve, Newport, Gwent from August 2012 until February 2013.
2012: National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff from 16th July Deepwater Collection of oil paintings is on solo exhibition in the conference corridors of Ty Hywel building in Cardiff.
2012: Cloisters Gallery, St David's Cathedral, Pembrokeshire. From June 12th - 25th 2012. Website:
2012: St Brides Spa Hotel Gallery in Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire from February 10th until 31st May. Website:
2011-2012: PCNP Llanion Park, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority head office, Pembroke Dock - October 2011 till end January 2012. Website:
2011: Oriel Y Parc, St David's, Pembrokeshire. Artist in Residence during period from 5th September - mid October 2011. Website: Please go to
EVENTS page for further information.
2011: ArtAt Arts Festival 2011, Rhosygilwen Mansion, North Pembrokeshire - August Bank Holiday Weekend 26th-30th August. 

2011: May - Aug, Exhibition at Haulfryn Gallery, High St, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK.

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